Our Philosophy

Waterman follows its money in. We are active investors and see our success being driven by collaborative participation with our partners, rather than by financial engineering.

We accept a board seat on all portfolio companies but also have in-house operational resource available to participate at a deeper level on request.

Situations where Waterman may invest include:

  • Expansion - where a business is seeking growth capital to expand its activities either organically or by acquisition;
  • Buy-out - the outright purchase of a business through partnering with a proven management team. In some cases new managers may join the team, or a vendor may choose to retain some equity in the business;
  • Replacement - where one shareholder chooses to exit but others wish to continue on. This may reflect the differing age of the shareholders, a change in circumstance, a difference of opinion or be driven by succession planning.




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"Waterman seeks out businesses with a point of difference, then lends its shoulder to the wheel" Barrie Brown - Chairman

Our Philosophy
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