Our Team

The Waterman team have a strong background in both private and public markets. The team has successfully brought both investment and operational expertise to each business they have partnered with.

Each Director is a significant investor in the Waterman family of funds which creates strong alignment with all of our investors.

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Matt Riley

Executive Director

+64 9 551 8170

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Chris Marshall

Executive Director

+64 9 551 8171

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Jacques Venter

Investment Director

+64 9 551 8174

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Barrie Brown

Non-executive Director

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John Maasland

Non-executive Director

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Phil Maud

Strategy & Operations Director

+64 9 551 8172

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Simon Kriechbaum

Investment Manager

+64 9 557 2381

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Amanda Smith

Chief Financial Officer

+64 9 551 8173

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Tracy Peirce

Finance Manager

+64 9 557 2380

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