Why Waterman

Waterman Capital is a leading New Zealand private company investor with a highly experienced team.

Our experience allows us to:

  • Swiftly upskill ourselves on new industries
  • Identify the key players and how they are positioned 
  • Quickly review an opportunity and provide a rapid response
  • Move efficiently through a transaction process
  • Deal with issues that arise calmly and professionally
  • Add value to a strategic plan for the benefit of all stakeholders
  • Assist with execution if appropriate



"Waterman has helped us to focus on long-term strategies for growth" Ian King - Managing Director, Academic Colleges Group

Why Waterman
ACG Strathallan campus

How We Work

We have a strong track record of investing in and adding value to businesses in the mid-market space.

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What We Like

When considering acquisitions Waterman looks for:

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Case Studies

Examples of previous Waterman investments and how we have added value to these businesses.

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