How We Work

Waterman is always searching for new opportunities and is happy to engage with business owners or management teams to explore ideas. We encourage people to engage with us early in the process. This can help to shape an owners thoughts around raising capital, succession or exit. 

As a shareholder Waterman seeks an active role in the future direction of the business and the primary channel for its input is a board seat. In addition, Waterman has an in-house business improvement expert whose role is to assist portfolio companies with strategic projects.

Areas where Waterman can add value include the following:

  • strategic direction;
  • acquisitions;
  • entering new market;
  • special projects;
  • financial management;
  • governance;
  • liquidity. 

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"Waterman has been very supportive of our strategy. They have encouraged us to consider options for growth in line with our strategy and are always available to assist" Andrew Wong - Chief Executive Officer, Healthcare Holdings Limited

How We Work
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