About Us

Waterman is a private company investor established in 2004 to provide capital and complementary skills to mid-market businesses based in New Zealand. Waterman has a long history of investing in and adding value to businesses in the mid-market space. These companies form the heart of the New Zealand economy and offer significant growth potential.

We welcome discussions with business owners and managers who are looking for capital and skills to assist in:

  • funding expansion;
  • making acquisitions;
  • positively restructuring a business;
  • facilitating a change in ownership;
  • addressing succession issues.

All conversations are treated as strictly confidential so there is nothing to be lost by testing your thoughts on us or in soliciting our perspective on your industry or business.

Why work with us

Waterman is an active investor and sees its success being driven by a philosophy of working collaboratively with management teams, other shareholders and stakeholders.

We accept a seat on the board of all portfolio companies, and this is the primary conduit for our input which is generally strategic and financial. We also have in-house operational resource available to participate at a deeper level on request.

Having looked at and worked with many mid-market companies over 20 years, we understand the challenges privately owned businesses typically face. Our objective is to assist private companies to achieve their ambitions and in doing so to create wealth for all stakeholders.